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Kansas Wesleyan University

The Power of AND Campaign


Phase 1:

  • Nursing Education Center
  • Significant Endowment and Scholarship Increases
  • Remodeled Classroom Spaces and Labs
  • Additional Faculty and Staff Positions


Phase 2:

  • Music Campaign
  • Memorial Library Renovations
  • Coyote Village
  • Bieber Dining Hall (bon appétit!)


Phase two initiatives are currently continuing as the university prepares for phase three.

Give to the Power of AND

Every gift is a significant contribution toward giving students the tools to transform their own lives AND their corners of the world.

Your generosity today will support areas of most immediate need AND contribute to the future of our university’s tradition of academic excellence and service.


Pioneer Society

The Pioneer Society is a group of extraordinary alumni, community, business and campus leaders whose contributions help sustain the faith-based, value-centered education we cherish.

Other Ways to Give

Annual Fund

Gifts to our KWU Annual Fund come from alumni, parents, businesses and friends of the University. These donations provide critical educational initiatives, including curriculum development, technology upgrades, library resources, maintenance and utilities.

Special Projects

Each year, Kansas Wesleyan seeks funding through individuals or grants for a number of smaller projects. When you donate to our annual fund without a specific designation, your gift is often directed these areas of most immediate need.

Current special projects include:

  • Nelson Student Success Center: Assist student learning in all subjects at all levels.
  • Hazen Teacher Education Center: Assist faculty in learning new teaching technology and methods.
  • Technology: Annual upkeep of hardware, software, and advancing technology in the classrooms and on campus is over $250,000.
  • Fitzpatrick Auditorium Sound & Multimedia System: Update the auditorium into a multi-media classroom.
  • Backstrom Conference Room Multimedia System: Update the conference room to be more functional.

Matching Gifts

Many companies sponsor matching gift programs to give their employees and retirees a chance to help direct corporate philanthropic investments.

To make a donation to KWU through your employer’s matching gift program, complete the matching gift form available through your human resources office and submit it with your contribution to KWU. Our staff will authorize the form and return it to your employer. KWU will credit you for both your gift and your company’s gift. Plus, KWU benefits from the additional private support.

President’s Circle Award

The President’s Circle Award was established in 2010 to recognize lifetime contributors to Kansas Wesleyan University with their time, talent, and resources.

President’s Circle Award

  • 2010  Graves Family (Bill & Helen Graves, Mark & Martha Graves Reese, Bill & Linda Graves)
  • 2011  Senator Bob Dole
  • 2012  Dick & Joyce Brown

Benefactors of Distinction

The Benefactors of Distinction award was established in 2011 to recognize individuals who contribute to the University and make an immediate impact within the current school year.

Benefactors of Distinction

  • 2011  Marla Beikman
  • 2012  David Laha, Roy & Donice Applequist

Planned Gifts

When you remember Kansas Wesleyan University in your overall estate or financial plans, you enable future generations of students to benefit from this important mission.

Contact Ken Oliver to learn more about how simple the planned giving process can be.

Stock or Securities

Contributing securities that have appreciated in value is often more advantageous than gifts of cash. Highly-appreciated stocks and bonds, when sold, result in a taxable capital gain. Under the Tax Reform Act of 1986, capital gain taxes significantly reduce sale proceeds.

Alumni and friends who have invested in growth stocks and have realized significant appreciation sometimes find they cannot reinvest that portion of their portfolio without incurring a substantial tax liability on the gain.

Donating appreciated securities to KWU can unlock the profits of your investment and you will receive two tax advantages:

  1. You avoid capital gain tax on the appreciation.
  2. You receive a charitable income tax deduction for the full present market value of the property, regardless how much the value has grown from the purchase price.

Generally, gifts of appreciated securities are deductible up to 30% of your adjusted gross income. Gifts in excess of this amount may be carried forward up to five years. The appreciation element of charitable gifts is included as a preference item under the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). The application of the AMT is rare, limited to taxpayers with highly unusual situations. For these few individuals, the AMT can limit the tax benefit available for gifts of appreciated property.

Charitable gifts of appreciated assets are especially attractive. Maximum benefits are a reality when you donate the securities because you avoid selling them and realizing the gain.

Consult your financial advisors before making a gift of appreciated assets. Contact the Kansas Wesleyan Advancement Office at 785-833-4392 for our KWU securities transfer instructions.


Gifts-in-kind include art, real estate or other property or equipment that KWU can either put to good use or sell to raise funds.

Personal Property

Works of art, museum objects, rare books, historical documents, manuscripts and other property can be useful to KWU, while providing substantial benefits to you as well.

These gifts of personal property are subject to certain conditions that do not apply to other outright gifts. For example, for a gift of personal property to be deductible at full fair market value, it must be directly related to the mission of the university. If you wish to donate items valued at $5,000 or more, a qualified appraisal is needed to receive a tax deduction.

Corporate Assets

Corporations and businesses may qualify for a tax deduction when contributing equipment, inventory or other assets used in the course of business. Equipment and other assets may need to be valued by an independent appraiser for tax purposes. A corporation or business’ charitable donation is limited to their cost basis when contributing their inventory.

Real Estate

Farmland or a home you no longer need can have a significant impact when donated to KWU. Most real estate held for a length of time has appreciated in value and offers great potential for charitable giving.

Gifts of appreciated real estate qualify for an income tax deduction equal to the current appraised value of the property. By transferring real estate directly to Kansas Wesleyan University, you also avoid paying capital gains tax.

Gifts with Retained Use

Life Estate Agreement

A life estate agreement is an arrangement whereby you transfer title to a personal residence, farm, or yacht to charity while retaining the right to occupy and otherwise enjoy the full use of the property for your choice of a term of years or the lifetime of one or more individuals.

Gifts of Life Insurance

When properly arranged, life insurance offers an attractive way to benefit KWU with numerous advantages.

IRA rollovers are also an option.

Leave Your Mark

When you make a gift to KWU, you help transform the lives of our students—at school AND out in the world.

How to Give

To learn more about opportunities to give back to KWU, please contact the Office of Advancement at (785) 833-4392.

Give online or mail a check to Kansas Wesleyan Office of Advancement
100 E. Claflin Ave., Box 40
Salina, KS 67401